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This can be the new backdrop to your life

Golden Visa

EU Permanent Residency

Minimum Investment

Fastest Procedure

Highest Return on Investment

No Need to Stay

Remain Non-Tax Resident

Advantages of EU residency
Access to EU Banking System
Visa Free Travel to Schengen Area
Ability to Start Business in the EU
EU Citizenship
Safe and Profitable Investment Opportunities
Golden Visa
An unconditional and life long, permanent residence permit acquired through investments in real estate.
Countries offering Golden Visa
Spain €500,000
Portugal €500,000
Greece €250,000

What We Do

The Best Advice

The Best Choice

Introducing the most suitable investment oppotunities
based on your requirements and priorities

We believe, contrary to common belief, that acquiring permanent residency through purchasing a property, should not equate to that chunk of your money being uselessly frozen in brick and mortar. A smart investment in the right place in addition to granting you permanent residency in the EU, can result in a new type of income, higher yield and diversification of your portfolio.

Along with financial benefits, your family according to their needs can also benefit from some of the best schools, universities, hospitals and a flourishing business environment. 

We therefore,unlike other institutions, refrain from providing a universal solution and strive to find the best course of action for you. One that would consider all aspects of your and your family's life and guarantee the utmost benefits possible. 

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