Greek Golden Visa Program

The Greek Golden Visa program , due to its lower investment treshhold and  higher profitability of investment and the growing real estate market has received a great deal of attention from prospective applicants . We at Oktagonal Consultants with 2 offices in Athens, benefit from first hand experience and in depth knowledge of the the greek market. We have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Greek Golden Visa scheme below: 
  • Does the Greek Golden Visa ​grant the same access to the EU as the rest of the schemes? 



Absolutely, there is no difference between European benefits of any of the programs.

  • Is Greece a safe and suitable place to invest?
After almost a decade of decline in real estate prices, 2017 was the first year in which the average property prices in Greece did not decline and even experienced some noticeable appricitation in population hubs such as Athens. The main factor for this has been a large growth in tourism that has in turn resulted in a very active short term residential rental industry.
 This climate has brought about a situation in which the investor can enter the marklet at a level very close to 10 year low and experience a %5 to %10 ROI from short term rental. This means with the minimum € 250,000 investment one can expoect an income between €12,500 to €25,000. In addition, considering historical prices, the potential for rapid and large appreciation of asset(s) is very probable. 
  • What are the other advantages of the Greek Golden Visa compared to other countries?
In Addition to lower required investment and higher income, the Greek Golden Visa program is the the only program that allows the investor to apply for residency for their 18+ children as well as the investor's and the spouse's parents ( i.e. The couple + Children + Grandparents )
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