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 What is Golden visa 

  پاسخ کوتاه : ویزای اقامت دائم و بدون شرط و محدودیت

Short Answer : Permanent and Unconditional Residence Permit

EU Golden Visa is designed for individuals who do not which to commit to living in the EU but wish to have the option of doing so when the need arises. Golden Visa does NOT require the holder to live in the EU in order to renew it and has not conditions attached to it , except maintaining your initial investment. Meanwhile the holder will be able to travel visa free to the Schengen area and can also benefit from multiple advantages the status brings. Including but not limited to access to EU banking system, Educational system , Health system, Life style, Etc. 

The investment threshold for obtaining this type of residency is different in different European countries and ranges from 250,000 Euros in Greece to 500,000 Euros in Portugal and Spain. 

Possibility of Acquiring Permanent Residency in 3 Months

One of the main advantages of Golden Visa is the speed in which it can be acquired compared to other methods of applying for EU Permanent Residency. Our specialists at Oktagonal are able to file and pursue your application once you have purchased your property. There will be no need for you to apply at the embassy and/or apply for a further visa to come and collect your PR card.

There is only 8 steps between you and your Golden Visa

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